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Hey! CBS: PLEASE take 5 minutes and learn something.
Pinyin is called a "Romanization" Meaning you can
CORRECTLY pronounce Chinese characters using phonetic
characters that are EASY to learn. The J is the same as
in Jelly or Joke! The (zh) is NOT in JING! Look up Pinyin
on the world wide web. Jing means Capital. Bei is North and
Nan is South. Beijing it the north capital. Guess what
Nanjing means. So please stop looking uneducated to the
Chinese natives who have yet to mention you are saying
it wrong because it would not be polite to correct someone.
Do the right thing and spend some productive time to learn
some Pinyin. ... at least ONE letter!

Oh and by the way. Search CBS beijing and read what people
have been saying about you for the past couple decades.
There are also stories about how the BBC started this
and how the French may have copied it from them.
Maybe it was the other way around but you all can
find it for yourselves. [Screaming at my TV Bei JING!]

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